The Society shall advance loans to its registered members who have been with the Sacco and have been making monthly contribution for a period not less than 6 months. The loan period with range from one (1) month to 60 months.

The minimum amount that a member can borrow is Kshs. 1,000 while the maximum amount shall not be more than three (3) times of a member’s share contribution to the Sacco or as may be determined by the board of directors from time to time.
The following loans are available but their names and attributes are subject to review by the Management Committee in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

1. Normal/Development Loan

This loan is advanced against a Member’s share contribution.

  • Repayment period shall not be more than 72 months,
  • The interest rate shall be 1% per month on declining balance.

The total of all outstanding loans, including emergency and school fees must not exceed three times a member’s share contribution.

2.  Emergency loan

This loan be granted for unforeseen circumstances

  • Repayment period shall be 18 months,
  • The interest rate shall be 1% per month on declining balance or as may be determined by the MC from time to time.

The total of all outstanding loans, including school fees, emergency and Normal loan, must not exceed three times a member’s deposit.

3. School fees loan

This loan is granted for the purpose of paying school fees. A member shall furnish the Sacco office with the school fees invoice to be advanced the loan.

  • Repayment period shall be for a maximum of 12 months,
  • The interest rate shall be 1% calculated on declining balance or as shall be determined from time to time

The total of all outstanding loans, including emergency and Normal loan, must not exceed three times an applicant’s deposit.

4. Insurance premium finance loan

This loan shall be advanced to members to pay insurance premiums for their household goods or their motor vehicles. Members shall be required to furnish the Sacco’s offices with an invoice from the Insurance Company.

  • The loan amount shall be equivalent to the actual insurance requirement subject to ability to repay,
  • Interest rate shall be 1.5% per month on declining balance
  • Repayment period shall not exceed 12 months
  1. Salary advance

This shall be granted against a member’s salary. For one to qualify for the advance, they must have good loan repayment history and are active in share contribution on a monthly basis.

  • The maximum amount to be advanced is Ksh 10,000,
  • The Repayment period is one month,
  • The advance will attract a commission of 5% or as may be determined from time to time.
  1. A Refinance Loan (TOP UP)

This is a top up Loan to an already existing normal loan. This Loan is issued where a member is unable to finalize a project with the loan earlier taken, and needs a top up to finish his/her project.

The new/refinancing loan repayment period is determined by the previous loan repayment period.

  • The new loan amount shall not exceed three times of the member’s share contribution minus any other loans.
  • The interest Charged is 1% per month, on a reducing balance.

   7. Motor Vehicle Insurance Finance Loan

Introducing easy way to pay your Motor Vehicle Insurance.


  1. Negotiated insurance premium at 3.5% of sum assured,
  1. Product to be channeled through the SACCO’s appointed broker; Bima Biz Insurance Agency,
  1. Cheque/Mpesa payable to the insurance company/broker,

4. Insurance financing at interest rate of 1.5% p.m reducing balance,

  1. No guarantors required for this product. ONLY proof of payment through payroll,
  1. Repayment period is 12 months,

Terms and conditions;

* Total loan issued without guarantors should not exceed total deposit. 

Children’ Saving Scheme
  • These are Sub-accounts of the principle members
  • Registration/ Entrance fee is KES 500
  • Minimum monthly deposit is KES 500
  • Deposits can be used as Security for principle members loan but, not used to compute the upper loan limit
  • Child Account will earn interest like all other members deposits
  • One months’ notice is required for withdrawal by principle member

Withdrawable Savings Fund (WSF) Account


Special savings scheme for members:-

  • Any emergence (immediately)
  • Christmas and holidays (to withdraw in December of every year)

Special savings scheme for students:-

  • The student must be above 18 years studying in Strathmore University
  • To save for future increased purchasing power.
  • To save for paying fees in future
  • To save for a business

Smartika with our smart saver product and earn as much as 10.5% p.a


  1. Minimum amount of saving is Kshs. 20,000,
  1. Minimum saving period is 6 months,
  1. Fixed interest rate as follows:                      

                (i) Silver  (20,000 – 50,000) 8.5% per annum                        

              (ii) Diamond (Ksh. 50,001- 100,000) 9.5 % per annum

             (iii) Gold (Ksh. 100,001 and above) 10.5% per annum

  1. Interest earned is calculated on time weighted basis,
  1. Principle amount plus interest earned is payable upon maturity,

6. Flexibility to re-deposit the money after the maturity date,

  1. Flexible top up plan by members on a monthly basis

Terms and conditions

* The amount deposited in this account will not be used to borrow loans by members (Savings only),

* Payment is in lump sum as No. 3 above,

* If you withdraw before maturity, you will lose all interest accrued,

* No fee will be charged for withdrawing before maturity 



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